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As humanity finds itself in the midst of a climate emergency, UnEarth believes that the environment should dominate public discourse. Oftentimes, climate issues are misrepresented and marginalised in corporate media. UnEarth is dedicated to uprooting the complacent status quo, pushing radical ideas and sensible solutions that drive climate action. Please browse our recent issues via the menu at the top.

Featured Articles

  • Making Better Policy through Sustainability

    Words by Jude Messler The unfortunate reality of the sustainability movement is that its true value often gets lost in alarmist language. It is indisputable that theories of sustainability are essential to addressing climate change. However, sustainability has broader value in its emphasis on human security and planning.  In the United States, politicians often pursue […]

  • Artivism

    Words and art by Samantha Hambleton Artivism. Eco-art. Hippies with a paintbrush?  To answer the question of ‘what the hell is artivism,’ I thought we could begin by first asking another (seemingly) simpler question: what is art?  There are many different answers to this question. I once walked into an art museum in Munich to […]

  • Environmental Surveillance: Can Our Rivers Make Our Public Health Policies?

    Words by Clarissa Bell After the years of COVID-19 being front and centre of seemingly every news site, media reporting of public health is more frequent and prevalent than ever. As it should be! Of course, we should have knowledge about public health concerns and environmental risks that are being monitored. However, we don’t see […]

  • A Renewed Indus Valley Civilization

    Words by Janvi Poddar India: [Origin – Sanskrit] ‘River Indus’ India is a country that derives its name from the river that brought its first civilizations prosperity; it is a country shielded by the world’s mightiest mountain range in the north and a deep blue ocean in the south, a country that is home to […]

  • A Deep Dive Into the New EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

    Words by Avery Reynolds In March 2018, the European Commission released a plan for financing sustainable growth. The regulation was created to channel private investments towards  “climate-neutral, climate-resilient, resource-efficient and fair economy, as a complement to public money.” In the impact space right now, there is an issue of information and disclosures from government, private […]

  • The Never-Ending Disaster: How Lower Income Countries will Continue to Suffer

    Words by Jadzia Allright Although the recent news has been covering the ongoing floods in Pakistan, albeit not as much as it should have, it will not be long until it is out of the papers and fades from public consciousness. As the world we currently live in is rife with cataclysmic events, it will […]

  • Angels in Wales: How Harbor Porpoise Protection Also Safeguards Rare Angelsharks in Cardigan Bay

    Words by Grace Brady with art by Theo Verden With the awareness that biodiversity in the UK is declining at a rapid rate, governance and management strategies have been strongly employed to protect endemic species. Marine mammals, such as seals and dolphins, represent charismatic megafauna within UK waters, and they are also biologically significant to […]

  • Enbridge Explained

    While renewables are not exactly a panacea, especially in the short-term, developing reliable sources of renewable energy would help to alleviate the need for pipelines and is certainly a step forward in the right direction.

  • Fueling the Crisis: Renewable Energy Now!

    Words by Maya Zealey Despite enduring hikes in the price of gas as recently as October, UK households are preparing for energy bills to increase a further 50% in the coming months. Last year, global fuel prices reached an all time high, with the wholesale price of gas quadrupling. The UK is particularly vulnerable because […]

  • Why We Need to Start Taking Control of Our Pensions

    With governments failing to take action, and corporations slowly beginning to make change, the people have the ability to put them under pressure.

  • Super Khan: London the Sustainability Metropolis

    Words by Rose Jones The world is becoming increasingly urbanized. As of 2020, cities are now home to over half of the global population and contribute over 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions, despite only covering 2% of Earth’s surface. The climate crisis necessitates radical action in cities, responding pragmatically to the complex challenges that […]

  • Reframing our Relationship with Nature: The Case of Urban Rewilding

    Words by Simone van Nieuwkoop and art by Holly Brown In cities around the world, the nature of life has largely been shaped around human convenience. From busy highways to towering skyscrapers, cities tend to be viewed as human creations that have overpowered nature. This idea that cities are just human habitations, however, has come […]

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