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As humanity finds itself in the midst of a climate emergency, UnEarth believes that the environment should dominate public discourse. Oftentimes, climate issues are misrepresented and marginalised in corporate media. UnEarth is dedicated to uprooting the complacent status quo, pushing radical ideas and sensible solutions that drive climate action. Please browse our recent issues via the menu at the top.

Featured Articles

  • Supporting Grassroots Initiatives from a Distance

    The REF’s support of successful grassroots projects in the ‘Middle East’ signifies the importance of supporting local development initiatives from a distance as it provides resources to the people who are likely to be most aware of where in their community needs assistance.

  • letter from the editor :: language

    Dear readers,   The other day I saw on the Instagram feed of University of St Andrews that they have lighted up the phrase ‘Actions Not Words’ on the grass of Sallies Quad. I honestly agree with the sentiment, though I can’t help but notice the irony that we must use words to dissuade others, particularly politicians, from improperly using words to utter […]

  • ‘Ecocide’: Could Environmental Destruction Become an International Crime?

    Amy Manvell, with art by Theo Verden Genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression: these are the four offences prosecutable by the International Criminal Court (ICC). ‘Ecocide’ is a candidate to  be added to this list. This is a concept with the power to reframe humans’ perception of nature from a commodity to an intrinsic part of our existence which needs legal […]

  • Before the Water Gets Too High – Music as Activism in Times of Atomisation

    Owain Williams and Van Lambie, with art by Vicky Chu What was, and what was lost  When George Strombo interviewed Angela Davis in 2011 on abolition movements throughout United States history, she reflected on a time in which movements were their own being – living, breathing and thriving – and how since then, the actions of a […]

  • A Case For Earth-Centered Language

    Isabelle Marsh, with art by Phoebe Christian Language is a force, a worldbuilding force that shapes the world and our relation to it. The language we use and the stories it constructs become the stories we live by. We are a species of storytellers, and the limitations of our language construct limitations in our lives.   As […]

  • Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

    Andrew Adams, with art by Sarah Allen In early June I was on a plane flying west from Boston to LA to visit a friend I had not seen in over a year, only to face on arrival the same sullen weather that had sedated New England for the past six months. After a day […]

  • Saint Sustainability: the St Andrews Botanic Garden

    Samantha Hambleton, with art by Holly Brown Like many residents of St Andrews, you may have heard of, or even visited, the St Andrews Botanic Garden; a welcome escape for many from rigorous revision and readings, the original Botanic Garden dates back to 1889. While familiar with its existence, and of course the freshly baked sourdough available […]

  • Conservation or Colonialism?

    Maya Zealey, with art by Vicky Chu For those of us that respect our world and are horrified to witness its rapid rate of destruction, conservation may exist in our minds as the single most important thing we can do. Without trees and bees, flowers and fish, the webs of nature that are needed for […]

  • The Return of the Beaver: What the Rambunctious Rodent Means for Britain and its Future in Rewilding

    Lucy Jones, with art by Phoebe Christian The reintroduction of Beavers to our UK waters brings with it the promise of boosting diversity in our wetland habitats, reinvigorating local populations of freshwater species and reducing flood risks to towns downstream of dams. Wetlands habitats are also natural carbon sinks and they are vital for slowing the process of climate change. The return of this charismatic rodent is being heralded by […]

  • Three Recipes, a Mission, and a Veg Box: Welcome To Our Sustainable Dinner Party

    Connor Durkin and Emma Hilary Gould with art by Holly Brown Each year, about 1.6 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally. In the UK, that’s  about 15 million tons of food wasted, with nearly half of that estimated to be from households. And while it’s surprising to hear the big numbers, we knew how much food went to […]

  • Why and how you should change your food waste habits

    Rose Jones, with art by Sarah Allen Food waste is a major global problem which is hiding in plain sight. Over 1/3 of food produced globally ends up in landfill. What’s more, the global economic, environmental, and social cost of food wastage is estimated at US$2.6 trillion, which is nearly equal to the GDP of France.    The journey of food from farms […]

  • Cultivating sustainable food systems through ‘ecolabels’

    Simone van Nieuwkoop, with art by Samantha Hambleton Considering today’s many challenges, ranging from climate change and pollution to hunger and food waste, consumers across the globe are becoming increasingly more concerned and aware of their environmental impacts. Specifically, with many products now classified as ‘organic’, ‘free-range’, and ‘hormone-free’ (just to name a few), it seems many of us are becoming much more mindful of our day-to-day food choices. With unsustainable mass production methods continuing to be the ‘norm’, however, our current food systems remain a serious threat both socioeconomically […]

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