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As humanity finds itself in the midst of a climate emergency, UnEarth believes that the environment should dominate public discourse. Oftentimes, climate issues are misrepresented and marginalised in corporate media. UnEarth is dedicated to uprooting the complacent status quo, pushing radical ideas and sensible solutions that drive climate action. Please browse our recent issues via the menu at the top.

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  • letter from the editor: michelle marsh

    We’re living in a strange moment. A moment where we’ve emerged into a world that has allegedly returned to normalcy. But does any of it feel any less absurd? I’m not certain.   Trying to find our feet again in what feels like a constantly shape shifting reality is exhausting. Things are happening again, the obligations have returned, and life […]

  • A Busy Week for sustainability in st andrews

    The arrival of week 5 promises to be a busy time for St Andrews. Alongside this fall deadline season comes the annual return of Green Week and a community-wide discussion about sustainability and our role as both students and global citizens in tackling the climate emergency. The week’s focus on environmental justice and nature connection is […]

  • The Intervention

    Art via WikiArt By Timo Marchant Gently rocking in his armchair, mug of chamomile tea cradled in his gnarled, work-worn hands, Neal squints at the flames crackling in the hearth. The wind whistles faintly as it slips through cracks in the cabin’s wooden panelling. Neil, who has learned to interpret nature’s whispered secrets, cocks his […]

  • Autobiography in an Automobilical Chord

    Art via WikiArt By Long Tran Periods of my life with family are defined by petrol vehicles. And for sure, their story can be told in vehicles as well. There were the days when my father sat on the back of a truck to travel to school. And when he was late, he would have […]

  • The Monotony of it All

    Art via WikiArt I awake to soft movements. The morning’s grey glint peeks behind the curtain,Piercing through the slumber shrouded room. My eyes flutter and readjust, welcoming the dawn of a new day. Thoughts turn through my brain. I reach for my phone.A digital kaleidoscope dances across the screen. Cute baby videos, memes, unlikely animal friendships, Anything and everything fills […]

  • Dirt Beds

    Art via WikiArt By Alana Foster I once thoughtIf I let go and said goodbye I could finally rest And mirror the sky  It might sound sad A short life complete But to me, it sounds peacefulDirt draped over my feet I argued that in such a featI wouldn’t be goneI’d be one with the earth Warmed daily by dawn  […]

  • Kaleidoscope: About The Issue

    Ecological, economic, political, cultural, and spiritual facets form the climate kaleidoscope. UnEarth Magazine looks through this refracted prism and teases out the interconnections of the climate crisis. The climate crisis is a paradigm-altering event. It challenges, stretches, and smashes the dynamic norms upon which we have built our civilization. For the climate crisis is not […]

  • Breaking Out Of the Echo Chamber

    Does ignorance to climate change make your blood boil? Do you feel discouraged from talking to your family about making changes? Can we afford to be thinking and feeling this way?  Let’s discuss effective communication on environmental issues.   The temptation of surrounding ourselves with people who share the same opinions, passions and lifestyles as our own, is a dangerous trap. I often wonder, whilst […]

  • Women: Sufferers, Soldiers, Solutions

    What really makes climate change a crisis is how much devastation it will be bring to those oppressed across the world. Women will not only bear the brunt of the ecological effects, but also the compounding social inequality that will pursue. Confronting the sexism rife in our society is necessary if we want any chance […]

  • The Absurd Apocalypse

    Reflections on a strange world. The literal apocalypse that is the climate crisis appears to have been relegated far down everyone’s list of priorities in light of the pandemic. Whilst we’re all holed up indoors, the crushing weight of ecological collapse has been understandably replaced with far more tangible threats. Like many others I’m sure, […]

  • Vulture Culture: Capitalism’s Role in The Climate Crisis

    The climate crisis is often portrayed as a paradigm-shifting phenomenon, and yet the solutions we have been convinced to champion so far have largely adhered to the dominant unsustainable and capitalist culture that created the crisis in the first place. The climate crisis is arguably the most urgent problem of our times, and yet little […]

  • Is The UK Government Overly Reliant on Scientific and Technological Solutions to the Climate Crisis?

    The UK government has established a 10-point-plan for a ‘green recovery’ following the Covid-19 pandemic. Many targets in this plan involve the development and mass-delivery of ‘low-carbon’ energy solutions to help combat the climate crisis. How reliable are such solutions, and is the government relying too heavily on the industrial tech sector to reach net-zero […]

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