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As humanity finds itself in the midst of a climate emergency, UnEarth believes that the environment should dominate public discourse. Oftentimes, climate issues are misrepresented and marginalised in corporate media. UnEarth is dedicated to uprooting the complacent status quo, pushing radical ideas and sensible solutions that drive climate action. Please browse our recent issues via the menu at the top.

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  • We Need Positive Visions of the Future

    For decades, environmental campaigns have been defined by gloom and desperation. New research suggests that hopeful, optimistic framing is way more likely to convince people – and transform society.  From the US Senator Ed Markey’s re-election ad to the Greenpeace animated short film about corporate-driven deforestation, this year has seen a range of environmental campaigns go viral. Though varying in form and purpose, they are all a reminder of how essential effective messaging is and will be in the ongoing fight for climate justice. What exactly, then, […]

  • Economic Success or Nothing: The Loess Rehabilitation Project

    The Loess Plateau rehabilitation project has been hailed as a successful effort in combatting desertification and revitalizing a rural region of China. Its shortcomings reveal why economic rationalizations of sustainable development should not be the sole basis for the valuation of sustainable development projects.  The debate around sustainable development often centres on its interconnectedness with the capitalist system. Our societies […]

  • Why be a Monk? The Art of Having Less and Loving More

    Explorations of Buddhism and Modern Takes on Tradition. Gong… gong. You wake before the sun, from light sleep to the darkness of the early morning. On your way to prayer, you stop to breathe in the rays of twilight that break through the horizon and bleed through the trees. You speak with no one. You take your time. You start in […]

  • Can Virtual Reality Help Solve the Climate Crisis?

    virtual reality is most known for its use in video games, but can it serve another purpose? over the past few years, scientists have used virtual reality experiences to teach people about their impact on the environment and prompt them to take action against climate change. If you know someone who is still does not […]

  • Urban Farming: The Future of Food Production

    Through the use of new technologies, the practice of urban farming intends to propel agriculture into the 21st century. Particularly amidst rising rates of urbanization, population growth, and climate change, urban farms could help construct a more sustainable society whilst also helping feed the world’s ever-growing population. With a rapidly growing population, demand for food […]

  • Tesla: Sustainable Product vs Sustainable Company?

    Tesla has long reigned as the king of electric vehicles, but creating a low impact product does not guarantee a sustainable business. In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of a company’s sustainability all three factors must be addressed: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).  Sustainability often becomes interchangeable with ‘eco-friendly’ to those who are fairly distant from […]

  • E-Waste in the Middle East and North Africa

    while e-Waste has the potential to become a profitable enterprise, it Remains under-utilized and marginalized in the Middle East and North Africa. We buy them, use them, break or replace them, and finally throw them away. This is the cycle of electronic devices, the revolutionary gadgets that made our life easier and the recycling process […]

  • Green Week’s Focus on Climate Journalism

    The world is burning, yet the media stays silent. Green Week focuses on the marginalization of climate discourse by hosting a panel of activists and academics dedicated towards the promotion of environmental reporting. Read more for an overview of Green Week and an analysis of the upcoming panel. The Environment Subcommittee, in collaboration with the […]

  • Rector’s Election – Where do Our Candidates stand on Sustainability?

    As with every election, sustainability is on the ballot. Disclaimer: This article is entirely in the opinion of Permanent Local Contributor Cara Nicholson. It should not be considered as an endorsement from UnEarth. With the Rector’s Election taking place this week, it is crucial that we critically assess the numerous candidates in contention. As Rector, the winning […]

  • Biting the Doughnut

    why you should care about the model causing a paradigm shift in economic policy-making. It is common knowledge that gross domestic product does not measure what matters to human life. As is commonly touted in the media, “growth,” from a certain point and especially in the Global North, reflects neither improvement in the wellbeing of ordinary citizens […]

  • E-Waste: The Dirty Byproduct of Our Technological Age and How To Deal With It

    E-Waste is a novel type of pollution with a range of environmentally degrading impacts. As technology becomes ever more entrenched in our societies, it is imperative that we solve this emerging issue. You have maybe heard the word “e-waste” before without exactly knowing what it refers to. E-waste refers to the unwanted, inutile electronic products which include […]

  • Crucible: About the Issue

    We find ourselves in a crucible of crises defined by a global pandemic, economic collapse, and systemic racism. UnEarth investigates the influence of environmental degradation on these concentric catastrophes and provides a hopeful vision of a more sustainable future.  Three cascading crises have ensnared the world. First came COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel […]

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