Welcome to UnEarth

UnEarth is a digital magazine produced by the University of St Andrews Environment Subcommittee. The magazine focuses on environmental issues and aims to be both a practical platform as well as an intellectual thought-leader. We circulate invigorating opinion pieces, pertinent political articles, science & tech developments, lifestyle blogs, and local updates.

As humanity finds itself in the midst of a climate emergency, we believe that the environment should dominate public discourse. Oftentimes, climate issues are misrepresented or even marginalized in corporate media streams. Here at UnEarth, we’re dedicated to uprooting the complacent status quo, pushing radical ideas and sensible solutions that drive forward climate action.

Life in the Anthropocene is both scary and exciting. It presents us with spectre of catastrophe as well as the potential for utopia. Reckoning with our mistakes can forge a more equitable, compassionate, and progressive world. UnEarth will provide foresight and urgency as we navigate these unprecedented times.

For business enquiries or writing opportunities, please contact us at unearthmag@gmail.com.