My Dream

A Poem of Hope.

I dream of a world with beautiful beaches.

Where there is no plastic pollution.

White sand.

Blue ocean waters.

Where wastewater is not led untreated into the ocean.

Of white crowns.

Of oceans with billions of fish, coral sanctuaries, dolphins, whales and sea turtles.

Of places that still have wilderness and untamed nature.

Of waterfalls with ice-cold water.

Of jungles that have no man-made paths.

Of forests filled with trees that reach higher than I dare climb.

Of a place where birds wake me up in the morning and the stars shine brightly at night.

A world where the language we all speak is love.

Where all creatures are treated with respect and love.

And finding places in the world that mirror aspects of such a dream makes me realize that nothing is impossible.

Every day we manifest the world we live in.

Let’s dream of such a world together.

Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world.

By Léa Weimann

A Message From the Poet

Sometimes I wonder if in our modern world we have not lost a sense of wonder and imagination. The courage to dream of a world and a future that might be different and better than the one we currently inhabit. Who knows, perhaps if we allowed ourselves to dream of it and believe in its possibility – we could actually manifest it? It is worth trying – don’t you think?

That is why I am particularly excited about this issue of UnEarth “Utopia” and would like to share the opening poem “My dream” with you from my book “Dear Earth” which first came into print Christmas 2019 and was launched in St Andrews on the 11th of March 2020. 

The book is completely non-for profit will all profits going to environmental charities (currently Greenpeace UK). It is available for sale in the Bouquiniste second-hand bookshop in St Andrews on Market Street, on Amazon, or if you would like a personalized copy with a message by emailing

For more details check out:

Hope you enjoy and don’t stop dreaming!



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