Dirt Beds

Art via WikiArt

By Alana Foster

I once thought
If I let go and said goodbye 
I could finally rest 
And mirror the sky 

It might sound sad 
A short life complete 
But to me, it sounds peaceful
Dirt draped over my feet

I argued that in such a feat
I wouldn’t be gone
I’d be one with the earth 
Warmed daily by dawn 

And this comforting thought 
Dark as it may be 
Was all too tempting, 
at least to me

And I almost did 
Release my grip 
So close to my goal
My permanent trip 

But was not long until
A new thought occurred
One which made me go still

The truth of the matter was
I would not have very long
To enjoy my sleep 
To earth’s sweet song

Our planet, our mother,  
Whichever name you prefer
By faults of our own
Seems unable to recover

With so little time
To alter this course 
For this I feel even greater remorse 

And the guilt is heavy
As she cannot hold a place 
For me to enjoy eternal slumber 
A dilemma I must inevitably face

I realize now, If I am to stay 
I must fight for myself,
for all life every day

And maybe if I hold on
Both to myself and to her
There will be room for all
To rest forever in soil and dirt

Yes perhaps a chance remains,
In the now and beyond
To give life back to her
And revive that spiritual bond.


Alana Foster is finishing her 4th year at the University of St. Andrews. She studies Comparative Literature and Film, and in rare moments when she is not talking, she enjoys creative writing and singing loudly in public. 

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