The Monotony of it All

Art via WikiArt

I awake to soft movements. 
The morning’s grey glint peeks behind the curtain,
Piercing through the slumber shrouded room. 
My eyes flutter and readjust, welcoming the dawn of a new day.

Thoughts turn through my brain. 
I reach for my phone.
A digital kaleidoscope dances across the screen. 
Cute baby videos, memes, unlikely animal friendships, 
Anything and everything fills the virtual landscape. 

My mindless scrolling screeches to a halt:
“One Decade Left to Avert Climate Disaster,”
Reads the headline. 
Doom rises through my chest and clouds my brain. 
The scrolling continues, revealing more stories of ecological devastation.

My future is dangled before me as a nonchalant question mark,
Mere blurbs in a roaring river of code and algorithm.

How am I expected to go about my day?
Am I really supposed to walk upstairs, make breakfast, and work
as if everything is ok? 

No, nothing is ok. 
I feel trapped in a hall of mirrors, reality warping and bending into a shimmer 
Of carefree existence. 

The monotony of it all. 
Looming disaster sprawled on a screen, 
And the world outside barely blinks. 

I turn my phone off.
I hold her tighter. 
Warmth ebbs and flows.

About the Author

Noah Herfort is a 4th Year at the University of St Andrews studying International Relations and Sustainable Development. He is passionate about sustainability, politics, and social justice.


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