A Busy Week for sustainability in st andrews

The arrival of week 5 promises to be a busy time for St Andrews. Alongside this fall deadline season comes the annual return of Green Week and a community-wide discussion about sustainability and our role as both students and global citizens in tackling the climate emergency. The week’s focus on environmental justice and nature connection is perfect for the moment. As fires and floods ravaged much of the world this past summer and environmental corruption on a global scale continues unabated, it is vital that we reevaluate what we consider to be just and expand our framing of the climate crisis to consider legacies of injustice and the role of oppressed communities in the sustainability movement. In another sense, we have been challenged too by the rapid change happening in our immediate community too. The importance of connecting to nature became more apparent than ever as everyone seemed to run to the hills during the pandemic. Now, with the pressures of ‘normal’ life fast returning, that connection is more important than ever.

Starting Monday and continuing into Friday will be a week of discussion, collaboration, and exploration of environmental justice and nature connection through everything from foraging along Lade Braes to climate conversations to clothing sales. Each day has a unique theme of its own relating to some element of environmental justice and nature connection.

Below is a list of the events being run by the Environmental Subcommittee and Transition in collaboration with lots of exciting societies, so be sure to stop by and check it out!

Monday: For the Farmers

St AndReuse Volunteer and Drop-In Session – 14:00-16:00, Monday, October 11th

  • University Hall, Kennedy Gardens

Tuesday: Living with Nature

Foraging Walk Along Lade Braes – 11:00-12:00, Tuesday, October 12th

  • Lade Braes Walk entrance, opposite 49 Hepburn Gardens
  • Collaboration with Foraging and Bushcraft Society

Green Week Rockpooling – 13:00-14:00, Tuesday, October 12th

  • Collaboration with Marine Society

Guided Bat Walk – 18:00-19:30, Tuesday October 12th

  • Gateway Building, North Haugh

Wednesday: Eco-Expression

De-Stress Lunchtime Cycle – 12:00-13:30, Wednesday October 13th

  • St Andrews Sailing Club, Woodburn Place

Fruit Tree Planting – 13:00-15:00, Wednesday October 13th

  • Students Union Community Garden, St Mary’s Place

Environmental Justice Banner Making – 14:00-16:00, Wednesday October 13th

  • Student Union Piazza

Climate Conversations Workshop – 15:00-16:30, Wednesday October 13th

  • St Andrews Student Association, St Mary’s Place

Bird and Bat Box Making – 14:00-16:00, Wednesday October 13th

  • St Andrews Botanic Garden

Green Drinks at Sandy’s Bar – 18:45-20:00, Wednesday October 13th

Book Launch – God is Green – 19:30-20:45, Wednesday October 13th

  • Lochnagar Room, Chaplaincy, 3A St Mary’s Place

Thursday: Zero Waste

St AndReuse Swap Shop and Clothing Sale – 14:00-17:00, Thursday October 14th

  • St Andrews Students’ Association, St Mary’s Place
  • Collaboration with St AndReuse and Sustainable Style

Fridays For Future – Towards COP26

Step Rock Beach Clean – 16:30-17:30, Friday October 15th

  • Step Rock Beach, The Scores
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